Exercices de future simple





For all of those who want to learn a language but don’t know where to start, need extra help as you learn it, or if you’re just bored. These are the resources I’ve gathered over the last few months (feel free to add to it!)

General sites with grammar/sounds/pronunciation for a wide variety of languages

More specific sites, targeted at one language

For all ya’ll auditory learners

     -also, foreign language mixes on 8tracks

Interactive language-exchanging sites where you can make friends and meet natives wOWie

Tips, advice, and motivation to give you that extra push

For those interested in linguistics, here are 15 interesting articles on the field

for funsies!!!

i’ve found quite a few resources for irish gaelic, a really beautiful but complex language that you can challenge yourself to learn

want to learn a language that doesn’t exist???? there are tutorials here here and here on how to write gallifreyan and a tutorial here on how to write the numbers

If i find more content, I’ll edit this and add it right away. Good luck and have fun!

Some of this stuff and more found here in my resources post :D

Resources are da best because then you can’t use it as an excuse not to learn a language :3